Technical Surveillance Countermeasures


It is a terminology that has been around for many years and first developed in the government and migrated to the business and personal areas of society. TSCM or more commonly called “Bug Sweeping” was considered high-tech technology dealing with government and secure facilities.

However, with the advances in technology, it is no longer limited to the government. Today TSCM has evolved into a large-scale business that caters to businesses and individuals worldwide.

With these advances, we are more aware of our environment. Which has led us to be a more litigious society holding individuals to higher standards. To survive in our modern-day high-tech society, we now must consider and not overlook many things that were not previously in the equation. We must consider things such things as:

In the early days, of Countermeasures in the private sector, many believed they were protected with a sweep being conducted utilizing a low-tech handheld RF scanner and handheld telephone scanner. This is no longer the standard for countermeasures that are conducted today. Today, highly trained individuals utilize highly specialized and technical equipment and procedures to detect and identify clandestine compromises to a business or individual’s security.

The private sector and government agencies are now facing many modern-day issues and concerns that were not present in the twentieth century. Corporations and individuals are much more aware and concerned about protecting their physical and intellectual property. This is especially due to COVID-19 concerns. Companies and corporations are allowing more people to work from home. While convenient for many employees and executives, this could potentially add additional security threats. Companies and Governments focus on internal threats such as computer hacking and virus threats using secured servers or VPN’s. However, meetings are still being held in an unsecured location such as homes, apartments, or hotels. Increasing the opportunity for Intellectual Property (IP) theft or sensitive information to be heard. While governments or large organizations use SCIF’s (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to hide their discussions, unfortunately, people from home do not have that luxury.



Axios Investigations Firm has over 25 years of well-rounded domestic/international experience as Technical Security Countermeasures (ITC Trained) and Security & Espionage Investigators. Our Special Agents have been at the federal, corporate, and state levels. Having served prestigiously at the National Security Agency, U.S. Special Forces, SWAT, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and BLACKWATER, USA.

Axios Investigations Firm conducts on-site assistance visits for physical security inspections, vulnerability assessments, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures surveys at various locations throughout the USA and abroad. We also have Active Top-Secret Clearance with previous SCI clearances.

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